1 | Stuffing
2 | Cushions
3 | Frame Finish
4 | Fabric
5 | Trim
Within each of these categories, there are multiple options available that alter the cost of refurbishment and the quality and durability of the finished piece. There are two types of seats: tight seat (requiring stuffing) and loose seat (requiring cushions).

Tight Seat

Loose Seat

Foam & Dacron: $$
The current standard for stuffing furniture, this is a budget friendly option that is not quite as long-lasting as the old-style wood wool/horsehair combination.
Wood Wool & Horsehair: $$$
An all natural, old-world option that tends to be extremely durable and supportive over time.
2 | CUSHIONS (FOR loose seats)
Foam: $
Down or Down with Foam: $$$
Marshall Unit with Down: $$$$
French Mattress: $$$$
Cleaned & Polished: $
Raw: $$
Poly: $$$
(this example has been sanded & poly-ed)
Beeswax: $$$$
Shellac: $$$$
We offer a wide selection of fabrics to choose from and offer brands with excellent reputations including (with links):
Kravet: $$
Many options are available when selecting a fabric: polyester, nylon, cotton, silk, linen, mohair, wool, or leather. Each offers a different set of pros & cons in the realm of durability, comfort, aesthetic and more.
5 | TRIM
Piping: $
Nails: $$$
Nails & Gimp: $$$$